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From The Principals Desk: 12/2020


Please take note of the following important information:

  1. GET PHASE Grade 1 to Grade 9
  • FOUNDATION PHASE            : Grade 1 – 3
  • INTERMEDIATE PHASE        : Grade 4 – 6
  • SENIOR PHASE                         : Grade 7 – 9

The school will continue with the Online model of teaching and learning in 2021.

A full 9 period time-table will be followed for live, online lessons. Lessons, including video lessons, will be available in Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams.

Formative assessment will be done online on a weekly basis. This will enable the parent and teacher to monitor if learning is taking place.

Assessment weeks

Summative assessments will be done under examination conditions at school. These assessments count towards the learners’ report mark/promotion mark.

There will be two assessment cycles per term.

Cycle 1: two weeks mid-term        (e.g. 18 Feb to 26 Feb)

Cycle 2: two weeks end-of-term    (e.g. 18 Mar to 31 Mar)

It is compulsory for learners to do these assessments under controlled examination conditions at school.


2. FET PHASE Grade 10 – 12

Grade 10 to 12 learners attend school on a daily basis.

They will follow a 9-period time-table per day.

All Covid-19 protocols must be observed.

Hostel accommodation will be available for Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners.

From the Principals Desk: April 2020

In this unsafe and uncertain COVID-19 environment, EL Tabernacle Online offers safety and certainty!

Dear Parents and Guardians, greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

School re-opened on 1 June 2020 after the Lockdown; Teachers returned on 25 May and Management already reported for duty on 20 May. It’s been a challenging time for both teachers and learners as we made the switch to online learning. We didn’t want to break our rhythm and stop the momentum before we were sure the system is up and running with the least amount of hiccups. In this unsafe and uncertain COVID-19 environment, EL Tabernacle Online offers safety and certainty. We will continue to deliver teaching and learning online, until the examinations in November. We are on track to reach our goal i.e. saving the academic year in the interest of our children. All they (the learners) have to do is log-in daily for the online lessons, work through the lesson in their own time, watch the video lessons, listen to the audio lessons, complete and submit homework activities and assignments, write the online tests. Yes, “Online” is the new normal.

Let me highlight the following:

(i) Our mode of delivery is (1) live online lessons using Teams (2) Class Notebook using Teams/One Note. We use Microsoft 365 for Education, Microsoft Teams in particular for our online model. Class Notebook is the key, the mainspring as it is an ”all-in-one-lesson”. A combination of study material, notes, slides, audio and video clips; used by the teacher during the online lessons and accessed by the learner at any time. The great advantage to the learner is that he/she can revisit it and work through the lesson unlimited times. Even if the learner misses online classes, the lessons are available 24/7 in-and-out of normal teaching hours.

(ii) We can report to parents that the transition has been smooth. Teachers have mastered the software to a great extent with more confidence and skills in place to tackle challenges. A significant number of learners are logging in daily and participate actively. The system is fully operational. Learners must get on board. Unfortunately, a small group of learners seldom log-in and participation is minimal.

(iii) Remember that we are covering Term 2, Term 3 and Term 4 topics. When the exam starts in November, all the prescribed topics in the Curriculum will be covered.

We thereby circumvent gaps and trimming, topics being pushed to the next grade. Curriculum delivery continues online, uninterrupted and untrimmed. Our learners will have the advantage that they will progress to next Grade with no backlog.

(iv) Parents are reminded that assignments, assessment tasks and tests are done online. If learners miss these continuous assessment opportunities, it will affect their end of year promotion adversely. Completion of the assessment tasks and tests are mandatory. It forms part of the prescribed promotion requirements. No assessments and no assignments submitted, no online tests written; obviously the learner can expect a “Not Promoted” at the end of the year. Learners will be promoted to the next grade based on the continuous assessment and the final exam in November. The school does not subscribe to the “pass one pass all” principle, learners will be promoted on merit. [Circular 2/2020 … stresses the importance of continuous assessment]

Please take note of the following important dates:

Spring Recess (School Holiday)

The school will close on Friday 28 August [online classes stop, teachers not at school] and will reopen on Monday 7 September 2020. Teachers return to school and the online classes resume. Learners (stay safely at home) only come to school to write final exam.

Grade 12

Preliminary Examination: 18 September to 15 October

Final Examination: 05 November to 15 December

Learners to write both examinations at school.

Grade 10 & 11

Final Examination: 16 November to 15 December

Learners to write the examination at school.

Grade 4 to 9

Final Examination/Assessment: 10 days in late November/early December

Learners to write the examination/assessment at school. [Circular 2/2020]

All the dates are subject to change – DBE and GDE follow the dictates of the invisible, illusive and outright disruptive “Mr COVID”.

An exciting new development. The school has positioned itself strategically to respond to the increasing demand for online education in the Covid-19 environment. The school’s website is operational. Parents can now apply and register learners online for the 2020 academic year. The whole process can be completed online. Just click on the easy-to-follow steps. Visit the website Parent applies, the school approves. The parent pays the registration fee and registers the learner. The school issues an email address and password to the learner. The learner gets immediate access to the current 2020 online learning platform and joins the distinctive EL Tabernacle family.

Please wear your mask, practice social distancing, wash and sanitise your hands regularly, stay safe, healthy and be blessed.

Holy Ghost greetings.

Glen Botha


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