About our School

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Principal’s Welcome

As Principal I wish you a very warm welcome to Our School!

Mr Glen Botha, Principal


To develop learners morally and socially through the life skills program and the art and culture activities.
To exploit the tranquil country setting to the benefit of the learners, to unlock the learners God-given potential.
To apply biblical principals as stated in the Word of God in all facets of school life.


To be the greatest school in the area, functioning as a center of excellence providing a good education in a Christian environment;
Combining Spiritual and Academic ….. to build a future for our children

To provide a Christian environment in which teaching and learning can thrive.
To be a centre of academic excellence where quality teaching, practiced by highly qualified teachers, and quality learning by committed and dedicated learners.

To build the learners spiritually through weekly church services as well as Religious Instruction.
To prepare learners to make an impact in the world.
To help the learners in their quest to obtain the nature and character of Jesus Christ.


FAITH:  To believe that someday God will bring him in …..Love on the Battle Field

VIRTUE: In yourself to let it go out to him in kindness….. Love that goes out to the society

KNOWLEDGE: To try and understand what he believes….. Love in response ready to answer

TEMPERANCE: To answer in kindness when he has spoken against you…..Love in Training the Tongue

PATIENCE: To endure with him…..Love in all Situations

GODLINESS: Not to rile back at him…..Love in completeness

BROTHERLY KINDNESS:  To put yourself in his place in the matter….. Love in action

CHARITY: He will then see Christ in you, the Hope of Glory. The Holy Ghost is Love Itself

HONESTY: The very centre of Love

RESPECT: The burglar bars of Love

HUMILITY: The pillars of Love

OTHERS: To live for others….. Eternal Life is to live for others