About EL Tabernacle Christian College

We introduce you to EL Tabernacle Christian College, a place where learning thrives in a Christian environment.
At EL Tabernacle Christian College we fly with both wings bringing balance to the spiritual and academic aspects of education.

In God’s Self existence, Holiness was part of this existence.

He then created cherubims to sing the eternal song … HOLY … HOLY … HOLY …
in the Old Testament “3 times Holy”.

He then shed He’s blood and added to His song. Cherubims now don’t sing only 3 times the Holiness of God, but they sing it day and night over the Holy Blood. They don’t sing a Love song but a Holy Song!
Because Love emanates out of Holiness ….. Love’s ending is in Holiness.

Therefore God’s judgments’ are God’s Holiness in action.
He judges because His Holiness is undermined.
Sin undermines God’s Holiness and that brings His wrath. There is no stay of execution.

So He had to birth Love & Grace to stop Him consuming sinners in His Holiness. Therefore the Headstone of Love cries Grace, Grace! Not only once, but twice. It ends in the Holiness of God.
So the only way to see God is by His Holiness and not by His Love.
He loved the rich man, but could not save him because His Holiness was interrupted.

God’s Judgements … is God’s Holiness in action. HOLINESS is God’s Word Fulfilled (Manifested).

Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe
Church 1